Get VM Events activity

The Get VM Events activity retrieves the most recent events for a virtual machine.

This activity stores the retrieved event information in the events sensor script variable as an array of JavaScript objects. Each object in this array contains these fields:

Table 1. Object array fields
Field Description
Classname The class of the event generated by the vCenter.
Message The event text.
Time The timestamp when the event occurred.

These variables determine the behavior of the activity.

Table 2. Input variables
Field Description
vCenter IP address of the vCenter server that manages the virtual machine from which you want to retrieve events.
VM uuid The VMware universal unique identifier assigned to this virtual machine. If you are creating your own workflow, see Virtual Machine UUID for instructions on properly formatting the unique identifier.
Max events The maximum number of events to retrieve from the virtual machine. The activity returns at most 15 events if you do not specify a value.
Sensor script