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Configure a customization specification for VMware Windows VMs

Configure a customization specification for VMware Windows VMs

Customization specifications for Windows VMs specify configuration settings that the system applies after a user submits a request.

Before you begin

Role required: cloud_admin, vmware_operator


  1. Navigate to VMware Cloud > Customization Specifications > Windows and click New.
  2. Enter a unique and descriptive Name that includes the operating system.

    The Name appears in the Operating System choice list for the catalog request item. The selection tells the provisioning task which configuration information to use.

  3. Enter the registered user's name and organization.
  4. Enter the Product key, select the License mode, and, if the selected license type is Per server, enter the maximum number of Concurrent connections.
  5. Enter the Administrator password.
  6. Choose a Membership option, either Domain or Workgroup. If you choose Workgroup, enter the workgroup name. If you choose, Domain, enter the domain name and login credentials.
  7. [Optional] Add any number of Windows commands, each listed on a new line, to the Run once field.
  8. In the Choose networking through field, choose whether to use IP Pool or DHCP.
  9. If appropriate, configure extended IP address selection.
  10. Click Submit.