Define an LDAP query

You can use the LDAP query operation to query an LDAP directory.


  1. On the Identification or Connectivity Sections form, select LDAP query from the Operation list.
  2. Fill in the fields, as appropriate.
    Field Description
    Base DN Specify the point from where a server searches for users.
    Host Specify a host name.
    Port Specify a port name.
    Query Specify the query parameters.
    Scope Specify the scope from the list:
    • Sub Tree: The object and all descendants.
    • Object: The object only.
    • One Level: The object and one level below.
  3. In the Variable Table, click Add and define the table name and column name to hold the query result.
    For multiple results, click Add for each additional column that is needed.


The following configuration is an example of the LDAP query operation.
Field Value
Hierarchy Applications > Mail Services
CI Type ExchangeBackEndServer
Pattern ExchangeBackEndServer On Windows Pattern
Section Storage connectivity
Step number and Name 2. Query ldap - msExchStorageGroup.msExchESEParamSystemPath

What to do next

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