Filter a table

You can use the Filter table operation to search a source table for a specified value. If found, values are logged in a specified target table.


  1. On the Identification or Connectivity Sections form, select Filter table from the Operation list.
  2. Fill in the fields, as appropriate.
    Field Description
    Source table Name of source table to be searched.

    You can use drag-and-drop or autocomplete to copy table names, fields, and values from the Temporary Variables and CI Attributes tables.

    Target table Name of target table to contain values found.
    Condition builder Specify the criteria for determining which values from the Source table are placed in the Target table:
    1. Enter the table name and the column from which the values are taken.
    2. Choose the relevant operator.
    3. Enter the string that Pattern Designer uses to filter values.
    4. If necessary, add more criteria lines by clicking the plus icon (+).

    The condition fields for the filter table operation
    Note: If the specified target table is already populated, the new fields and values from the source table overwrite the existing fields and values of the target table.


The following configuration is an example of the Filter table operation.
Field Value
Hierarchy Applications > Application Servers
CI Type WebSphere EAR
Pattern J2EE EAR On Linux
Section DB2 JDBC connectivity
Step number and Name 8. Filter DB2 JDBCProviders

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