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Define a business service

Define a business service

You must specify entry points and method of mapping a business service.

Before you begin

  • Determine how important the business service is to your organization.
  • Ensure you performed procedures described in Service Mapping setup.
  • Check preconfigured entry point types to make sure the type you need exists in the application.
    Note: Entry point types are a kind of configuration item type, created by extending the cmdb_ci_endpoint table.

Role required: admin or sm_admin

About this task

After you analyze your organization's business services, you define them in Service Mapping.

You must define the following:
  • Name: Assign a meaningful name that reflects the nature of this business service.
  • Mapping method:
    • Pattern-based mapping:Service Mapping discovers and maps configuration items (CIs) using patterns. A pattern is a sequence of algorithms that establish parameters of a CI as well as its outbound connections. Service Mapping always uses the pattern-based method.
    • Traffic-based mapping: Service Mapping discovers and maps CIs by detecting their inbound and outbound traffic. You may choose to use this method in addition to the pattern-based mapping.
  • Entry point: Whichever method you choose for mapping, specify an entry point. An entry point is a CI where the end user receives the service. Typically, an entry point refers to the first tier application on a host. Service Mapping starts the mapping process from this point.

    Entry points may vary depending on the nature of the business service; a printer, a URL, a phone number can all serve as entry points to your services. Service Mapping comes with a list of preconfigured entry points types and the attributes you configure for your entry points depend on their types.

You can also learn how to define a business service from the following video tutorial:

After Service Mapping discovers CIs belonging to your business service for the first time, it then runs discovery on CIs again to catch changes and updates. Discovery schedules determine what CIs and how often Service Mapping re-discovers.


  1. Navigate to Service Mapping > Services > Business Services.
  2. Click New.
  3. Define the business service attributes as described below:
    Table 1. Business Service form
    Field Description
    Name Enter the business service name. This name must be unique to this business service. It is recommended that you use self-explanatory names like mailing service or printing service.
    Business criticality Select a criticality level to define the importance of this service in your organization. For more information, see Business services.
    Owned by Select an owner who is responsible for this business service in the organization and who gets automatic notifications for the service if you enter their email address or phone number.
    Email Enter the email address of the owner.
    Business phone Enter the phone number of the owner.
    Traffic based discovery

    To use the traffic-based discovery method in addition to the pattern-based method, select this check box.

    To map the business service using only discovery patterns, clear this check box.

    For more information about discovery methods and rules, see Business service definition and Enable traffic-based discovery for CI types or specific CIs.

    Discovery status Do not change this value.
    Service Mapping automatically generates this status:
    • In progress - if Service Mapping is performing discovery and mapping for this business service for the first time.
    • Done - if Service Mapping discovered and mapped this business service at least once.
    Operational status

    Select Operational to use this business service.

    If you do not want to use this business service for now, select Non-Operational , Repair in Progress or DR Standby.

    Comments Add a description or notes about the business service.
  4. Define all required entry points for your business service.
    1. In the Entry Points section at the bottom of the form, click New.
    2. In the Configure New Entry Point window, select the entry point type.
      Entry point parameters depend on the type you select.
    3. Configure attributes for the entry point as described in Entry point attributes
    4. Click Submit.
    5. If necessary, repeat these steps to define an additional entry point.
  5. Select View map to start mapping.

    The Discovery page opens showing mapping in progress.