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Define Service Mapping users and roles

Define Service Mapping users and roles

You can create and assign roles to Service Mapping users as part of configuring access to your business services.

Before you begin

Role required: admin


  1. Define users.

    You can give access to business services to existing or new users. Create the new users. You can also add users to groups to assign roles to multiple users at the same time. You need to have the admin role for user provisioning.

  2. Define roles.

    You can assign Service Mapping administrator and Service Mapping user roles directly to business service groups. However, most enterprises choose to organize their roles as a hierarchy. It helps to manage roles across multiple ServiceNow applications. For example, the Service Mapping administrator can be part of a broader administrator role like administrator.

  3. Assign roles to users or user groups.

    By assigning roles to user groups you give permissions and rights of this role to all users belonging to the same group.