Useful shortcuts in Pattern Designer

There are several shortcuts that make entering values in Pattern Designer easier.

Table 1. Useful shortcuts in Pattern Designer
To Do this Example
Populate a value by copying it from another field Select the value you want to copy and drag and drop it into the target field. If the CI Attributes table contains the value $process.portsList and you want to place this value in a field in the step definition page. Instead of typing the value, select the value in the CI Attributes table and drag it into the target field.
Enter a variable using autocomplete Begin typing characters with a $ prefix into a field, and then select the relevant value from the list showing all currently available values that match the characters you entered. If only one choice fits, that value is automatically entered into the field. Variables and several other objects have a $ prefix. Typing $P in a field displays a list of possible values beginning with $P.
Specify complex (concatenated) values in fields Enter a value, then add a plus sign (+), and then enter another value.
Note: You can drag and drop values and variables to create complex values.
To enter a constant value, enclose it in quote marks (").
The value "uuid="+$entry_point.uuid consists of a constant concatenated with a variable.

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