Scripts included installed with Service Mapping

Service Mapping adds the following script includes.
Script include Description
SaUploadedFiles Gets user uploaded files from the MID server.
LoadRoutingTable Returns the routing table for the given host.
GetOutgoingPort Returns the outgoing port ID for the given host based on the target IP and next hop IP.
PatternLibrary Contains all patterns used by Service Mapping.
ParseURL Decodes encoded sys_ID attribute on DB Views.
CancelBSDiscovery Stops the discovery process of a business service.
Layer2ConnectionStrategy Creates representation of physical connections between the input host and other hosts and return the set of relation IDs.
LoadPorts Returns the list of ports for the given host.
GetPortByIP Returns the port ID of the given host associated with the given IP address.
DiscoveryHostUtils Shows a collection of functions for retrieving information about hosts. For example, it translates the CI type into the OS type.
ServiceMappingUtils Shows a collection of functions to synchronize Service Modeling with Service Mapping.