MID Server domain separation

MID Servers can be domain separated, which prevents an Orchestration workflow running in one domain from sending work to a MID Server in another domain.

The selection of a domain-aware MID Server is controlled by setting the domain on the MID Server record itself. In a system configured for MID Server domain separation, the credentials of one domain are not available to the MID Server of another domain. The records that can be read, updated, or created by a MID Server are determined by the credentials configured for that MID Server in the config.xml file. These are the user credentials that a MID Server uses to access the instance and, therefore, specify which domain's records that MID Server can access. A workflow designer selects from a list of correct MID Servers for that domain or from the global domain. IP ranges assigned to a MID Server can also be domain separated and are filtered appropriately in the related list on the MID Server record.

By default, MID Servers are not configured for domain separation. This can have the following affect:
  • Qualified MID Servers can be in multiple domains.
  • MID Servers can use multiple credentials.
  • The MID Server that Orchestration selects, based on an IP range that spans multiple domains, can work in those domains.