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Create a connector definition

Create a connector definition

Create a connector definition to support a new external event source.

Before you begin

Role required: em_mgmt_operator or evt_mgmt_admin


  1. Navigate to Event Management > Connectors > Connector Definitions.
  2. Click New.
  3. Create a custom MID Server script include with the Groovy coding language.
  4. Write custom code that accomplishes these actions.
    • Connect to an event monitoring tool.
    • Retrieve events from an event monitoring tool.
    • Send events to the Event [em_event] table using the web service API.
  5. Fill in the fields, as appropriate.
    Table 1. Connector Definition form
    Field Description
    Name The event monitoring software that generated the event, such as SolarWinds or SCOM. This field has a maximum length of 100. It is formerly known as event_class.
    Groovy script to run The file name of the custom MID Server script that you created for the event source.
    Default schedule The number of seconds between attempts to receive events.
    Name (Connector Parameters) The parameters to enable communication with an event server.
    MID server capability (Connector Definition to MID Server Capabilities) The MID server name to process events from the event server.
  6. Click Submit.