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Create an alert group

Create an alert group

An alert group is a set of alerts that meet special criteria for a particular business service. Create alert groups to combine similar alerts. Alert groups appear on the Event Management dashboard and the alerts console.

Before you begin

Navigate to Event Management > Properties, and edit the Enable alert group support (evt_mgmt.impact_calculation.alert_group_support) property.

You can learn about Event Management basics, including alert groups, from the following video.

Role required: evt_mgmt_admin or evt_mgmt_operator


  1. Navigate to Event Management > Alert Groups.
  2. Click New
  3. Fill in the fields, as appropriate.
    Table 1. Alert Group Form fields
    Field Description
    Name The alert group name.
    Business criticality The importance of this service to the business. This field can determine disaster recovery strategies for this service.
    • 1 - most critical
    • 2 - somewhat critical
    • 3 - less critical
    • 4 - not critical
    Owned by The party that is responsible for the business service.
    Email The email alias for the alert group.
    Business Phone The phone number for the business.
    Operational status The current status of the business service.
    • Operational: The business service is currently running. Impact calculation runs only on services in the Operational status.
    • Non-Operational: The business service is unavailable, disabled, or down.
    • DR Standby: The business service is available as a disaster recovery (DR) standby.
    • Repair in progress: The business service is currently receiving maintenance.
    Comments Any additional notes and information.
    Service Group Members The business services that are part of this alert group.
    Filter The conditions for sending a notification to the alert group. The conditions must be met by the alert values.
  4. Click Update.