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Alert and CI remediation

Alert and CI remediation

Alert and CI remediations help troubleshoot and resolve underlying problems that generate alerts. Remediation is based on Orchestration workflows that can be scripted to perform remediation tasks such as gathering system information or rebooting a server.

Event Management provides a framework for configuring and implementing a system-wide remediation plan to resolve, minimize, or prevent problems that generate events and alerts. Configure alert rules to remediate alerts and CI remediation rules to remediate a set of CIs.

Alert remediation

Use alert rules to associate specific alerts with a remediation workflow. Depending on how you configure the alert rule, the workflow can execute automatically for alerts that match the rule criteria or the workflow can be applied manually by users for the matching alerts. The workflow can also be scripted to request user approval before executing subsequent workflow tasks. The workflow is paused for user approval, even if it was automatically triggered.

CI remediation

Configure remediation more comprehensively by creating CI remediation rules to manually apply remediation to specific CIs.

Remediation tasks

When a remediation workflow is executed, a remediation task is created to capture details such as the time that the workflow started to run, the alert that triggered the remediation workflow (if relevant), and the CI that was remediated. View these tasks to track remediation activities in the organization.