Connector definitions

Each connector definition is specific to an event source vendor. The connector definition specifies the MID Server script include that pulls events from the external event source. In addition, the connector definition specifies what connector instance value parameters are needed to connect to the external event source host.

Table 1. Default Connector Definitions
Name MID Server script include Default schedule Parameters required
Netcool Connector Definition NetcoolConnector.groovy 120
  • url: The JDBC connection URL to the external event source host. For example: jdbc:sybase:Tds:
SCOM Connector Definition SCOMConnector.groovy 300
  • scom_initial_sync_in_days: When first connecting to the SCOM server, the number of days that the connector will request historical events for the SCOM server.
  • scom_version: The release version of the Microsoft SCOM server. For example: 2012
Solarwinds Connector Definition SolarwindsConnector.groovy 120
  • port: The communications port used to connect to SolarWinds Service & Application Monitor (SAM). For example: 17778