Get started with Event Management

You can plan for Event Management to receive external events from external sources.

To plan for Event Management, consider the following factors:
  • Enable the appropriate plugins and the MID Server. For example, if you want alert analytics, activate the Service Analytics plugin.
  • If you want alerts to show the affected CIs, you can add the appropriate CIs to the CMDB and then configure alert binding. You can manually add CIs, import CIs, or discover CIs with Service Mapping. For tracking purposes, CI discovery provides specific service mapping relationships of the computers, software, and services on the alert.
  • Consider the events that your organization encounters and set up the appropriate event filters, mappings, and rules.
  • Consider the manner in which your organization tracks and remediates events, and then set up the alert and impact rules accordingly.
  • Consider the best use of Event Management dashboards for monitoring and remediation.