Set up a MID Server to use PowerShell

Discovery can be run with a mix of MID Servers using PowerShell and WMIRunner.

  1. Download PowerShell and install it on each MID Server configured to discover Windows computers.
  2. Enable PowerShell for Discovery by setting the mid.use_powershell MID Server parameter to true on all the MID Server machines using PowerShell.
  3. Determine which credentials PowerShell should use.
    • To discover Windows computers using credentials from the credentials table, set the mid.powershell.use_credentials parameter to true. This is the default behavior when PowerShell is enabled.
    • To force Discovery to use the credentials of the MID Server service user, set the mid.powershell.use_credentials parameter to false on the MID Server. The MID Server service must have domain admin credentials to have access to the Windows machines in the domain.