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Load a MIB module

Load a MIB module

You can load an additional MIB module by creating a new ecc_agent_mib record and attaching the actual MIB file to the record.

About this task

MIBs are only loaded during MID Server startup. When the MID Server starts up, the following management information base (MIB) modules are loaded:
  • Modules that are bundled with the MID Server software. These MIBs are defined industry standards.
  • Modules that are included in each instance. These MIBs are provided by manufacturers for Discovery to extract specific information from a device.

You can view any errors associated with loading a MIB module in the agent log.


  1. Navigate to MID Server > SNMP MIBs.
  2. Check whether dependencies are met.
    If your new MIB has dependencies on another MIB, the MIB that fills the dependency must exist before you create your new record. Search the existing MIBs to check that the required MIBs are already loaded. If they are not, use this procedure to also add them to the instance.
  3. Click New to create a new record.
    The MID Server MIB File form opens to create a new ecc_agent_mib record.
  4. Use the following information to fill out the form:
    • Name: The name of the MIB.
    • Version: The version of the MIB.
    • Source: A best practice is to use this field to note where the MIB was acquired, such as a URL.
    • Description: The description that appears in the ecc_agent_mib table.
    • Active: This check box denotes whether the MIB module is enabled or disabled in the instance.
  5. Click the Add Attachment icon () in the upper right to attach the actual MIB file to the new record.
    The MIB name must begin with an alphabetical character. Remaining characters must be one of the following: alphanumeric, hyphen ( - ), or underscore ( _ ). The file name must not have an extension. You can reference the existing MIBs for examples. It is a best practice to use the actual name of the MIB for both the MIB record name and the attachment name, but it is not required.
    Figure 1. MIB form