Define clusterable processes

How to define a Windows process as clusterable.

  1. Open the desired process classifier (Discovery Definition > CI Classification > Process).
  2. Add the Parameters related list (if not visible).
  3. Click New in the Parameters related list and add a new parameter, using the following values:
    • Name: Unique name of your choosing.
    • Type: Enter Cluster.
    • Value: Enter the following statement.
    resourceType: "Resource Type",
    isMatch: function(process, resource) {
        //javascript function that returns true if a resource matches the classified process
    Table 1. Defining Clusterable Processes
    Parameter Description
    resourceType Resource type the platform should look for in the cluster's Windows Cluster Resources related list.
    isMatch Determines if the cluster resource that is found, based on the type, is a match for the classified process being examined.
    SQL Cluster Parameter