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APD customization example: Customize the Environment File

APD customization example: Customize the Environment File

This example adds a value to the environment file that populates the comments field of the ResourceNow application record.

Before you begin

This customization procedure assumes you have performed the following prerequisite tasks:
  • Enabled Application Profile Discovery on your instance.
  • Created environment and version files for your application.
  • Placed the environment file in a location where the MID Server is configured to search for it.


  1. Open the existing environment file in an XML editor.
  2. Add a new XML tag within the <environment> tags, at the end of the last subservices section.
    Custom Environment Record

    The tag name is arbitrary. This example uses <custom>, but the tag could also be named <notes>.

  3. Create a nested tag inside the custom tag that names the field in the Application [cmdb_ci_appl] table you want to populate.

    This tag name is also arbitrary, but should be descriptive of the field selected. This example uses <comments>.

  4. Add a value to this tag that appears in the Discovery record for this application.

    This example provides information about how this application is used in the company.

  5. Save the environment file.

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