Create a process classifier

  1. Navigate to Discovery Definition > Process to get to the process classification page.
  2. Click New.
  3. Fill out the fields on the form as appropriate. See the Process Classification form table.
  4. Click Submit.
    Process Classification form
    Table 1. Process classification form
    Field Description
    Name A unique name for the process classifier.
    Table Select Application.
    Relation type Select the CI relationship type for this classification. The relationship field is only available for Process and Scan Application classifications. Discovery process classifications typically use one of these relationship types:
    • Runs on::Runs: Defines the relationship of an application to the host on which it runs. This relationship is expressed from the perspective of the host and the application. For example: My database application runs on server001::server001 runs my database application.
    • Depends on::Used by: Defines the relationship of an application that communicates with another application. This relationship is expressed from the perspective of each application. For example: The Tomcat application depends on the MySQL database:: The MySQL database is used by Tomcat.
    • Virtualized by::Virtualizes: Defines the relationship of a virtual machine to its host. This relationship is expressed from the perspective of the virtual machine and of the host. For example: server001 is virtualized by ServerESX::Server ESX virtualizes server001.
    Active Select this box to activate the process classification. Deselect to deactivate it.
    Order Enter the order in which Discovery should run this process classification when there are multiple classifications available for a table. Discovery runs process classifications from the lowest to the highest order.
    Test with Lists the host CI where an automatically generated process classification conditions were met. Use this field to test changes to the process classification to ensure that the updated classification behaves as expected.
    Condition Configure the appropriate condition. The example screenshot triggers this process classification when the process command contains the string MSFT SQL Server 2000.