Convert IP networks into Discovery range sets

After you conduct a network Discovery, you must convert the IP networks that were found into range sets for use in discovering other devices.

  1. Navigate to Discovery > IP Networks.
  2. Click New to add an IP network.
  3. Ensure that the following field values are provided:
    • State: Ready
    • Discover: true
    • Router: Select a router from the list. This field must not be empty.
      If your IP Networks were created through network Discovery, then these fields are populated automatically in the IP Networks related list. However, if you entered the IP Networks manually, and you want to convert your IP Networks into range sets manually, you must edit these fields accordingly.
      IP network form
  4. Click Update to return to the list.
  5. In Related Links, click Create Range Sets.
    This converts all the IP networks in the list into range sets.
    IP network list

    The Discovery Status page appears, displaying the progress of the conversion. The system increments the Started and Completed count of IP networks, until all the networks are converted.