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Configure the Shazzam probe

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Configure the Shazzam probe

You can configure Shazzam probe properties and parameters.

Before you begin

Role required: Admin

About this task

When you run Discovery, the Shazzam probe finds your active network devices by scanning specified ports on specified IP address ranges.


  1. Configure the properties. To configure properties for the Shazzam probe, navigate to Discovery Definitions > Properties, and edit the following properties (see table).
    Note: The default property values are correct for most discoveries.
    Property Description Default
    Max range size The maximum number of IPs to scan in a single Shazzam probe. If a range has more IPs than are specified here, the probe is skipped and a warning is logged. 100000
  2. Configure the parameters
    Note: You control the behavior of individual Shazzam probes using basic and advanced parameters.
    1. Navigate to Discovery Definition > Probes.
    2. Select Shazzam.
    3. Add or edit parameters in the Probe Parameters related list.