Create the Environment file for the application profile discovery example

After creating the APD folder, create the version file.

  1. In an XML editor, open the environment file template and complete it for the ResourceNow application using the following values:
    Version: Enter 2.0.
    Application: Name the application ResourceNow.
    Label: Configure Development as the name for this environment.
    Description: Enter Development environment for this example.
    Ownership: Add the name of an existing group from the Group [sys_user_group] table that is responsible for managing this environment. For this example, add Software.
    Version path: Enter the path and the name of the version you will create in the next task. For this example, enter /APD_version/ResourceNow_version.xml, where ResourceNow_version.xml is the name of the version file.
    Sub-services provided: Name this sub-service Benefits.
    Sub-services consumed: Name this sub-service Management tool.
    Environment File Template
  2. Give the environment file a logical name, such as the name of the application (ResourceNow.xml) and save it to the /APD directory.