Storage references discovered via a host

Discovery maps these references for storage units that connect to a host via a local I/O port or Host Bus Adapter (HBA).

Table 1. References discovered for storage from a host
Table and column Reference Target data element refers to the cmdb_ci_computer
cmdb_ci_storage_device.provided_by refers to the cmdb_ci_fc_port (for FC only)
cmdb_ci_disk_partition.disk is a partition of cmdb_ci_disk is the cmdb_ci_computer
cmdb_ci_fc_port.controller contains the cmdb_ci_storage_hba is the same cmdb_ci_computer as is the cmdb_ci_computer
cmdb_ci_storage_volume.provided_by is the cmdb_ci_storage_pool or cmdb_ci_storage_pool or cmdb_ci_storage_device (providing storage)
cmdb_ci_storage_pool.hosted_by is the cmdb_ci_computer
cmdb_ci_computer the pool is on cmdb_ci_storage_pool.container
cmdb_ci_storage_pool.container is the cmdb_ci_storage_pool or cmdb_ci_storage_pool_member containing the pool (if the pool is present)
cmdb_ci_storage_pool_member.pool is the cmdb_ci_storage_pool is the cmdb_ci_storage_pool, cmdb_ci_disk_partition or cmdb_ci_storage_device providing storage