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Pending Process Classifiers

Pending Process Classifiers

Pending process classifiers identify interdependent processes, based on TCP connections, that are not classified by the system-provided process classifiers, such as database or web servers, or even proprietary applications.

They can be refined as needed to properly identify the same processes in future discoveries, or be used to simply ignore those processes altogether.

Figure 1. Pending Process Classifier
Pending process classifiers are initially denoted by a name starting with "Pending:" and use the underlying running process name, command, and parameters as matching conditions. A running process matching the given conditions also creates a record in the Pending Application [cmdb_ci_appl_pending] table and uses the Runs on::Runs relationship to associate it with the appropriate computer CI. They can be refined as needed and used to classify desired processes or to define processes that should simply be ignored.

Converting a Pending Process Classifier Into a Conventional Process Classifier

If a process should have its own conventional classifier, a few updates may be useful for properly creating discovery data. First, determine if the given process or application is represented by an existing CI table. If such a table does exist, it can simply be selected for the Table field in the process classifier. If a suitable table does not exist, a new one can first be created. Additionally, the classifier name can be changed to give it meaning specific to the given process or application, and the condition (especially Name, Command, and Key parameters) can be refined to provide better matching characteristics. For more information, see Process Classifications.