ESX server Discovery components

These are the components that ESX Discovery uses to classify and explore virtual machines.

Table 1. ESX Server Discovery Components
Component Name Description
Classifier vCenter Classifies stand-alone vCenter servers.
Probe VMware - vCenter Exploration probe that extracts the list of ESX hosts, resource pools, and virtual machines from the vCenter host. This probe also returns the serial numbers of the ESX hosts. Implementation details for this probe are located in a MID server script include called VMWarevCenterProbe.

When Discovery runs, a classifier called vCenter, classifies the process running on a Windows machine and launches the VMware - vCenter probe. This probe logs into the vCenter instance with the credentials provided and uses the vCenter API to return information about ESX machines, virtual machines, and resource pools. If using a domain account to access vCenter, specify the domain with the username in the credential record in one of the supported formats such as Domain\UserName.