Storage Discovery via SMI-S and CIM

Discovery identifies and classifies information about storage devices.

Discovery can explore storage devices that contain a Storage Management Initiative Specification (SMI-S) provider that is a specialized Common Information Model (CIM) server. To see the current list of vendors and products conforming to SMI-S as tested by SNIA, see the SNIA website.

Other types of storage, such as storage that is attached via a host, VM storage that is available on VMware ESX servers, and storage for Kernel VM (KVM), use a separate set of probes and sensors.

Discovery collects information about storage area networks (SAN) and network-attached storage (NAS) from specialized devices, such as storage arrays and Fibre Channel (FC) switches. Discovery collects and creates CIs in the CMDB for the following information items:
  • Array disks, pools, and volumes
  • Fibre Channel HBAs, ports, and controllers
  • FC exports
  • Fabrics, including endpoints, zoning, and switches
  • Dependencies between storage sub-components

Data collected

Discovery uses the following tables and probes to gather information about storage devices that are managed by a SMI-S provider.

Table 1. Data Collected
Table Probe
Disk [cmdb_ci_disk] SMI - Storage Server
Fibre Channel Export [cmdb_ci_fc_export] SMI - Storage Server
Fibre Channel Port [cmdb_ci_fc_port] SMI - Storage Server
SAN Export [cmdb_ci_san_export] SMI - Storage Server
Storage Controller [cmdb_ci_storage_controller] SMI - Storage Server
Storage Export [cmdb_ci_storage_export] SMI - Storage Server
Storage File Share [cmdb_ci_storage_fileshare] SMI - Array - File Shares
Storage Pool [cmdb_ci_storage_pool] SMI - Storage Server
Storage Server [cmdb_ci_storage_server] CIM - Identity
Storage Switch [cmdb_ci_storage_switch] CIM - Identity
Storage Volume [cmdb_ci_storage_volume] SMI - Storage Server
Storage Device [cmdb_ci_storage_device] SMI - Storage Server
Storage Area Network [cmdb_ci_san] SMI - Fabric
SAN Connection [cmdb_ci_san_connection] SMI - Fabric
SAN Endpoint [cmdb_ci_san_endpoint] SMI - Fabric
SAN Fabric [cmdb_ci_san_fabric] SMI - Fabric
SAN Zone [cmdb_ci_san_zone] SMI - Fabric
SAN Zone Alias [cmdb_ci_san_zone_alias] SMI - Fabric
SAN Zone Alias Member [cmdb_ci_san_zone_alias_member] SMI - Fabric
SAN Zone Member [cmdb_ci_san_zone_member] SMI - Fabric
SAN Zone Set [cmdb_ci_san_zone_set] SMI - Fabric