Data collected by Discovery on Puppet automation software

Discovery identifies and classifies information about Puppet automation software.

The following data is collected by default:

Table 1. Data collected by Discovery for Puppet automation software, by default
Name Puppet Master [cmdb_ci_puppet_master] name Puppet - Master Info
Configuration directory Puppet Master [cmdb_ci_puppet_master] config_directory Puppet - Master Info
Manifest directory Puppet Master [cmdb_ci_puppet_master] manifestdir Puppet - Master Info
Module path Puppet Master [cmdb_ci_puppet_master] modulepath Puppet - Master Info
Fully qualified domain name Puppet Master [cmdb_ci_puppet_master] fqdn Puppet - Master Info
IP Address Puppet Master [cmdb_ci_puppet_master] ip_address Puppet - Master Info
Version Puppet Master [cmdb_ci_puppet_master] version Puppet - Master Info

The following additional data is collected with the Puppet Configuration Management plugin:

Table 2. Data collected by Discovery for Puppet automation software, with the Puppet Configuration Management plugin
Name Module [puppet_module] name Puppet - Modules
Path Module [puppet_module] path Puppet - Modules
Name Manifest [puppet_manifest] name Puppet - Manifests
Path Manifest [puppet_manifest] path Puppet - Manifests
Content Manifest [puppet_manifest] content Puppet - Manifests
Name Class [puppet_class] name Puppet - Manifests
Inherits class Class [puppet_class] inherits Puppet - Manifests
Selectable Class [puppet_class] selectable Puppet - Manifests
Name Parameter [puppet_parameter] name Puppet - Manifests
Default value Parameter [puppet_parameter] default_value Puppet - Manifests
Name Certificate Request [puppet_certificate_request] name Puppet - Certificate Requests
Node request Certificate Request [puppet_certificate_request] node_request Puppet - Certificate Requests