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Create a Discovery behavior

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Create a Discovery behavior

Create a Discovery behavior to determine the Shazzam probes and which MID Server is used.

To create a behavior, navigate to Discovery Definition > Behavior and click New. The Behavior form provides the following unique fields:

Table 1. Behavior Form Fields
Field Input Value
Name Type a unique name that describes the use for this behavior, such as Two Domains or Load Balance.
Discovery Functionality Select the MID Servers to use for this behavior, the desired execution phase, and the pre-configured functionality for each MID Server (protocols to scan).
The completed Discovery Behavior form looks like this:
Figure 1. Discovery Behavior

Discovery Functionality

Discovery Functionality defines what each MID Server in this behavior must do, specifically which protocols to detect. This form provides the following unique fields:
Table 2. Discovery Functionality Form Fields
Field Input Value
Phase A phase is an arbitrary integer used to group one or more functionalities together. All the functionalities within a phase are executed together, and all phases are executed in numerical order. All functionalities in a behavior can have the same phase. The Shazzam probe runs once for each phase in a behavior, which makes fewer phases desirable. Run multiple phases for behaviors only when devices in the network are running multiple protocols (e.g. SSH and SNMP). In this example, set one phase for the SSH scan and another phase for the SNMP scan.
Functionality Select a pre-configured functionality that defines the protocol or list of protocols that each MID Server will scan. Access the Functionality Definition records through the Functionality link in the Discovery Behavior form or by navigating to Discovery Definitions > Functionality Definition.
MID Servers Select one or more MID Servers to perform this functionality for the following Discovery types:
  • IP Scan
  • CI Scan
Discovery automatically balances the load when multiple MID Servers are selected.
Functionality Criteria Define criteria here for Windows MID Servers. See the following section for details.

Functionality Criteria

Functionality Criteria are required for Windows MID Servers only, and only when the behavior controls Discovery across multiple domains. When the instance launches the Shazzam probe for a Discovery in which a behavior defines multiple MID Servers to scan multiple domains, the Functionality Criteria determine which MID Server will process the results of the probe.

The form provides the following unique fields:
Table 3. Discovery Functionality Form Unique Fields
Field Input Value
Name The name in the criteria is the variable that passes the following information:
  • mid_server: MID Server that processes the results from the Shazzam probe.
  • win_domain: Windows domain of the target device.
Value Enter the actual name of the MID Server (mid_server) or domain (win_domain) to pass to Discovery for this criteria. This field can also have a value of mid_domain, which defines the Windows domain of the MID Server that is processing the Shazzam results.
The completed criteria form looks like this:
Figure 2. Discovery Functionality Criteria