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Discovery classification criteria

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Discovery classification criteria

The classification criteria for a device classification includes a parameter, an operator, and a value.

The available parameters are those returned by ServiceNowDiscovery classify probes for each class of device found. The values configured for these parameters are the values that ServiceNowDiscovery is looking for to establish a device's class. For available parameters for each default classification, see ServiceNowDiscovery Classification Parameters.

In this example from the base ServiceNow Discovery platform, the device to be classified has a name value that starts with Windows 2003.
Figure 1. ServiceNowDiscovery Classification Criteria
Table 1. On Classification Script Objects
Parameter Description
isNode Indicates if this instance is a node.
type Returns the classification windows.
isVIP Indicates if this CI is a virtual machine, with a virtual IP address.
ip_address Returns the IP address of the device being discovered.
name Name of the Windows version, such as Windows 2003 Standard.