Address Resolution Protocol Discovery probes

Discovery uses probes for the Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) that retrieve the IP address and MAC address for a configuration item (CI) from the Network Infrastructure Item [discovery_net_base ] table and store the results in the Network ARP Table [discovery_net_arp_table].

Table 1. ARP probes used by Discovery
Probe ECC queue topic Command
Linux - Network ARP Tables SSHCommand arp -n
Solaris - Network ARP Tables SSHCommand arp -an
Windows - Network ARP Table Powershell arp -a
SNMP - Network - ArpTable SNMP Table

The SNMP probe uses this OID first: ipNetToMediaPhysAddress,ipNetToMediaNetAddress.

If the probe fails to return results, it uses this OID: ipNetToPhysicalNetAddress,ipNetToPhysicalPhysAddress.