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vCenter Event Processor

vCenter Event Processor

The vCenter event processor is a MID Server extension that listens for vCenter-related events.

This event processor allows changes to virtual machines to be updated in the CMDB in addition to the the updates that are detected by Discovery. A change to a virtual machine is sent as an event from the vCenter server to the vCenter event processor extension. When an event is received, the CMDB is updated accordingly.

For example, if a virtual machine is turned off, the vCenter server sends the event VmPoweredOffEvent. The event is received and processed by the vCenter event processor extension and the CMDB is updated to reflect that the state of the corresponding virtual machine is set to off.

Note: You must run a full discovery of the vCenter before the events are correctly processed. The virtual machine must already exist in the CMDB. The extension only modifies the state of an existing virtual machine in the CMDB.