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Probe result cache

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Probe result cache

The probe results cache improves overall discovery performance by caching probe results on the instance and only processing results that have changed.

Probe results that have not changed do not need sensor processing and therefore the sensor does not run. The cache can be enabled or disabled for individual probes.

Enable and Disable the Cache for Specific Probes

If you have created probes, you can turn on the cache individually by enabling the Cache Results option for that probe. The probe results cache should be enabled only for those probes and sensors whose output is unlikely to change. For example, the Linux – CPU sensor is cached because CPU information seldom changes. The cache is turned on by default for base system probes and sensors whose output is unlikely to change.
Warning: Do not turn on the cache for classification and identification probes. Furthermore, do not turn on the cache for probes that trigger additional probes because this may prevent them from being triggered.