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Network Discovery

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Network Discovery

Network Discovery discovers the internal IP networks within your organization.

Note: If you already know the IP address ranges in your network, it is not necessary to run Network Discovery. This procedure is intended for organizations that do not have complete knowledge of the IP addresses available for Discovery in their networks.

Discovery uses the information it gathers to update routers and Layer 3 switches in the CMDB. Network Discovery is performed by a single MID Server that begins its scan on a configurable list of starting (or seed) routers. Typically, the starting routers are the default routers used by all the MID Server host machines in the network, but can be any designated routers. The MID Server uses the router tables on the starting routers to discover other routers in the network. The MID Server then spreads out through the network, using router tables it finds to discover other routers, and so on, until all the routers and switches have been explored.

After running Network Discovery, convert the IP networks it finds into IP address Range Sets that you use in Discovery schedules to discover configuration items (CI).