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Discovery Schedule

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Discovery Schedule

A Discovery schedule determines what the discovery run will search for, when it will perform the discovery and which MID Servers the discovery will use.

Use the Discovery Schedule module to run Discovery on a regular, reoccurring basis, or even on demand.


Before you begin with Discovery, configure the following:
  • MID Servers: Install and configure one or more MID Servers.
  • Credentials: Provide the MID Servers with the login credentials they need to query the devices in the network.
  • Schedules: Create a schedule record that defines what actions Discovery must take to scan the devices and software in the network.
  • Classifications: Make sure the device and process classifications provided in the base platform are sufficient. Create new classifications as needed for the devices, processes, and applications in the network.

Cancelling a Discovery schedule

When you cancel an active Discovery:
  • Existing sensor jobs that have started processing are immediately terminated.

    In versions prior to Fuji, these jobs were allowed to complete.

  • The existing sensor jobs that are in a Ready state, but have not started processing are deleted from the system.

    In versions prior to Fuji, these jobs were allowed to start before they were terminated.