Discovery troubleshooting - port scanning

Port scanning is the first step in the Discovery process.

In this stage, Discovery scans the configured IP addresses for TCP and UDP IP ports to determine what ports are open or responsive. When scanning IP Ranges, Discovery searches for responses from WMI, SSH and SNMP protocols. Port scanning results are found in the input package of the Shazzam probe in the ECC Queue.

Discovery reacts to the port scan as follows:
  • If Discovery finds an IP address with a state of OPEN for any port communicating over WMI, SSH, or SNMP, Discovery lists the IP address in the Shazzam returns (result="open") and begins the classification phase.
  • If Discovery does not receive a response from a port, it does not list the IP address in the returns from Shazzam.
  • If Discovery receives a response from the scan that refuses the connection, Discovery lists the IP address and the result (result="refused") in the Shazzam returns.