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Discovery troubleshooting - identification

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Discovery troubleshooting - identification

Identification is the process of gathering the best information about a device before creating or updating anything in the CMDB.

When the classification criteria for any device has been met, the next phase of Discovery is identification.

Figure 1. Discovery Troubleshooting Identifiers
The following rules are used to match a discovered device with one that already exists in the CMDB:
  • If there is no match to an existing configuration item (CI), Discovery creates a new CI.
  • If there is match to an existing configuration item (CI), Discovery updates that CI.
  • If multiple matches exist based on a complete match, Discovery stops for that IP address and logs the event.


The only CMDB activity that requires your attention is one in which a discovered device matches more than one existing CI. The primary cause of this is usually an import from an external data source whose coalescing rules are not correct. Navigate to Discovery Definition > Properties and select Yes for the CI identification debugging property. This property writes additional data for each IP address to the Discovery log during the CI identification process. Consult this log to resolve issues with duplicate CIs.

Figure 2. Discovery Troubleshooting Property

What Comes Next?

If you did not detect any issues during identification, proceed to the Exploration stage.