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Data migration

Data migration

The Virtual Machine Instance [cmdb_ci_vm_instance] table becomes the base class used for all virtualization platforms: VMware, Amazon EC2, and Hyper-V.

Backup Tables

The upgrade creates the following temporary tables to back up the existing virtual machine instances and associated references:
  • temp_backup_cmdb_rel_ci
  • temp_backup_dictionary
  • temp_backup_vm_instance
  • temp_backup_vm_reference

Upgrade Tasks

After creating the backup tables, the upgrade performs the following tasks:
  1. Copies records from the cmdb_ci_vm_instance table to the appropriate temp_backup_vm_instance table.
  2. Backs up affected relationships, references, and dictionary references to the appropriate temp_backup tables.
  3. Deletes the cmdb_ci_vm_instance table.
  4. Creates new cmdb_ci_vmware_instance and cmdb_ci_vm_instance tables.
  5. Copies and maps records from the temp_backup_vm_instance table into the cmdb_ci_vmware_instance table.
  6. Restores relationships and references
  7. Creates a clean-up job in Scheduled Jobs (Schedule Item [sys_trigger] table) called VMware Data Migration Clean-up that deletes the backup files at a scheduled time three months in the future.