Custom Discovery identifiers and identity probes

In addition to default ServiceNow identity probes and identifiers, you can create your own probe/sensor pairs and matching identifiers when needed.

The default ServiceNow identity probes and identifiers are configured to work together to identify discovered devices in most networks. You are encouraged to use these records whenever possible. If you need different data to identify devices, create your own probe/sensor pairs and matching identifiers to suit your particular situation.
Warning: Do not modify, disable, or delete existing ServiceNow records. If you do so, they cannot be upgraded or recovered. The best practice is to use the existing records as templates for your own elements, and then replace the ServiceNow probes, sensors, and identifiers with your custom versions in all modules where they are used (classification records, probe and sensor records, and identifiers).

Staring with the Geneva release, identifiers for new and existing discoveries are completely replaced for new instances with CMDB identifiers from the CMDB Identification and Reconciliation framework. Instances without Service Mapping that are upgraded to Geneva can still use the legacy identifiers for existing and new Discoveries. Both identifier versions are available in these instances, but only the legacy identifiers are used.