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Modify a node group

Modify a node group

Configuration Automation users can modify a ServiceNow node group with change management enabled.

  1. Navigate to Configuration Automation > Node Groups.

  2. Select a node group.

  3. Click the Create New Configuration Change related link. The Node Group Change form appears.

  4. Edit the form fields (see table).

  5. Click the Request Change related link.

    The Change Request form appears. The Description field displays the service provider, attributes, components, and affected CIs of the node group. You can use the information to view the change history for the node group.

    The Description field

    Table 1. The Node Group Change form fields
    PhaseChange request state of the node group.
    ProviderConfiguration automation provider such as ServiceNow, Chef, or Puppet.
    Management serverManagement server for the node group.
    Change Request[Read only] Change request record number.

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