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Modify a configuration template

Modify a configuration template

You can make changes to an editable draft copy of a configuration template.

About this task

Before a user can commit changes to a configuration template, the user's manager must approve the change request. When making a change to a node with one or more associated configuration workflows and attributes, the system duplicates the related records and associates the duplicates with the new configuration template draft record.


  1. Navigate to Configuration Automation > Configuration Templates.
  2. Select a published configuration template.
  3. Click Checkout Draft. This creates an editable copy of the current record as a draft and opens the form for that record.
  4. Edit the draft record, as appropriate for the change.
  5. Click Publish.


This related link creates a change request record. A draft can have only one active change request at a time. You can then proceed with the change.

What to do next

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