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Create a configuration workflow

Create a configuration workflow

Configuration workflows represent a configuration change to be made to a CI, such as installing a piece of software.

About this task

Configuration workflows are mapped to configuration templates. Configuration workflows point to a workflow that defines how the configuration will be made.


  1. Navigate to Configuration Automation > Configuration Workflows.
  2. Click New.
  3. Fill in the Configuration Workflow form fields (see table).
  4. Click Submit.

    For a workflow to be associated to a configuration workflow, it must have a special workflow input u_ci_id. This workflow input will contain the sys_id of the CI record being processed during workflow execution.

    When the workflow is associated to a configuration workflow, the workflow inputs are copied as configuration workflow attributes. Optionally, a default value for each workflow attribute may be defined.

    Table 1. Workflow form fields
    Field Description
    Name [Required] Enter a name that identifies the attribute.
    Workflow [Required] The selected workflow associated with the configuration.
    Description Enter a textual description of the attribute.
  5. Select a configuration workflow, and under Related Links, click Show Workflow to see the graphical workflow.