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Add CIs to a node group with an assignment rule

Add CIs to a node group with an assignment rule

You can configure assignment rules that automatically map CIs to node groups when certain conditions are met.

About this task

Note: If the CI is in a change pending control state as part of another request, the CI will not be assigned to the node group. Pending node assignment are created, but the Apply Assignments action will fail with the status code 'CI_UNDER_CHANGE'.


  1. Navigate to Configuration Automation > Node Groups > Assignment Rules.
  2. Click New and fill in the form as described in the table.
    Table 1. Node assignment rule fields
    Field Description
    Name Name of the assignment rule.
    Active Select the check box to activate the rule.
    Order The number used to order the rule.
    Assign to Node Group [Required] Select the node group that the rule applies to.
    Auto Assign If Auto Assign is enabled for a rule, the CIs are automatically assigned to the corresponding node groups and change requests to apply the node group configurations are opened.
  3. Use the Node filter to set conditions that must to be met in order for the node to be assigned to the node group.
  4. Use the Node Filter Script to set additional custom variables that must be met. Use the 'current' variable to access cmdb_ci_computer fields in the node filter script.
  5. Click Update to save the rule, or click Execute Now to manually run the rule.
    When you click Execute Now, the rules are applied only to CIs with a Node group assignment state of Ready. Execution Information displays the last time that the rule was executed as well as the current state of the rule. All rules execute on a schedule and any newly onboarded or updated CIs are reassigned to node groups based on the assignment rules. In addition, when a new rule is added or an existing rule is updated, all CIs that are assigned are reset to a Node group assignment state of Ready.