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Configuration Automation with ServiceNow Provider

Configuration Automation with ServiceNow Provider

ServiceNow Configuration Automation enables you to automatically provision and configure new nodes.

Nodes are configuration items (CIs) that are typically virtual machines (VMs) or machines that are managed by a configuration automation provider.

How Configuration Automation works

Using ServiceNow as a provider to control your node resources allows you to maintain a single source of record within the system. You can use the ServiceNow integration to:

  • Create configuration workflows: Use Configuration workflows to create workflows that configure software components on any node, application, or service.
  • Create configuration templates: Use configuration templates to configure a comprehensive application or service. Configuration templates are made up of the configuration workflows. A configuration template is called a node definition in Chef and Puppet.
  • Control changes: Manage and automate the request and approval process when making changes to your resources.

The system for managing nodes follows this process:

Figure 1. Configuration Automation process