View your cloud resources on the My Virtual Assets portal

Use the My Virtual Assets portal to view the VMs that you have ordered and to view you current requests for virtual resources.

Before you begin

Role required: Cloud users (members of the Virtual Provisioning Cloud Users group)


Navigate to Self-Service > My Virtual Assets.
Table 1. My Virtual Assets portal
My Virtual Assets All virtual machines assigned to the logged-in user.
My Virtual Assets - Key Metrics Metrics on your VMs: total number of active VMs, scheduled VMs, and VMs that will expire soon.
VMs By State A chart of your VMs,grouped by state, such as on, off, or paused.
My Virtual Asset Requests All requests for virtual resources that you made. The list allows the user to track the approval and provisioning process by displaying the stage and details of the request.
My Team's Virtual Assets The virtual machines that the team has ordered and the team's current requests for virtual resources.