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View Cost and Usage reports

View Cost and Usage reports

The Cloud Management application displays billing data using standard, easily manipulated ServiceNow charts.

Before you begin

Role required: cloud_operator or cloud_admin can configure, run, and view reports
Note: The reports can display only the data that has been downloaded from the provider to the ServiceNow database. Cloud admins can schedule periodic downloads. If billing data is missing, cloud admins can run a download job on-demand to download the missing data.


  1. For your provider; Amazon AWS Cloud or Microsoft Azure Cloud, navigate to Reports > Cost and Usage.
    The Billing Reports page displays the reports. To generate the reports, certain filters are applied to the data that was downloaded from the provider. You can modify the filter settings to customize the content and appearance of the reports.
  2. To customize the reports, modify the data filters (standard ServiceNow filter controls). Click Filters and then specify how to select, group, and display the data.