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Configure the filters for report data

Configure the filters for report data

By default, cost and billing reports display data for all virtual resources for the most recent 12-month period. You can apply filters to the data to fine-tune the reports. For example, you can specify that only data for resources that are tagged "Research Department" in Product category "BasicA1" should appear.

Before you begin

Role required: cloud_operator or cloud_admin


  1. For your provider; Amazon AWS Cloud or Microsoft Azure Cloud, navigate to Billing > Cost and Usage.
  2. In the chart to configure, click Filters and then update the filter settings as needed.
    Table 1. Filters for Azure reports
    Scope, ID, and Time
    Scope Apply the following restrictions when applying the filters:
    • All: Include resources from all accounts and subscriptions when applying the filters.
    • Account name: Check only resources with the specified account name.
    • Subscription name: Check only resources in the specified subscription.
    ID The account or subscription to filter by, if a limited scope has been selected.
    Tag name Include resources with the specified tag name in the report.
    Tag value For the specified Tag name, include resources with the specified Tag value in the report.
    Time Include only data in the specified time period in the report.
    Azure-specific Values
    Product Include only data for the specified product in the report.
    Meter Name Include only data for the specified meter name (unit of measure) in the report.
    Instance ID Include only data for the specified instance ID (identifier for a single running resource) in the report.
    Resource Location Include only data with the specified resource location (datacenter where the resource is running) in the report.
    Chart Chart type to display.
    Group by Group the data on the chart using the specified criterion:
    • All
    • Account Name
    • Meter Name
    • Instance ID
    • Product
    • Resource Location
    • Subscription Name