Collect the Azure Client ID and Tenant ID

You need to specify the Azure Client ID and Tenant ID while configuring the ServiceNow instance.

Before you begin

Permission required: Azure administrator. The Azure administrator often also has the cloud_admin role for the ServiceNow instance.

About this task

Copy the following information into a text file, or paste it directly onto the Service Principal form on the ServiceNow instance.


  1. Log in to the Azure portal, navigate to Active Directory, and then select the directory that you work in.
  2. Click the application that you are working on and then click Configure.
  3. Collect the Client ID: Scroll down and copy the Client ID value into the text file.
  4. Collect the Tenant ID.
    1. Click View Endpoints to open the App Endpoints window.
      In any of the URLs, the Tenant ID is the text that is in the form of a GUID.