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Configure the lease duration for a CloudFormation catalog item

Configure the lease duration for a CloudFormation catalog item

The default setting for a lease period and the maximum allowed duration of a virtual server lease are controlled by property settings. The system applies the specified values to both Amazon and VMware resources.

Before you begin

Role required: cloud_admin, aws_admin

About this task

Note: These are the instructions for configuring the default settings for requested items. For instructions on configuring lease start and end times for individual virtual machines, seeRequest and maintain AWS CloudFormation stacks.


Navigate to Cloud Management > Administration > Properties.
Default lease durationAction
Group by the type of change from the baseline. This property (glide.vm.lease_duration) controls the length of the lease period that is configured for all Amazon resource requests. The default duration is 60 days from the lease start time, which begins on the current date and time of the request. The actual time of the lease is calculated from the time the resource is provisioned, after any approvals.
Max lease duration This property (glide.vm.max_lease_duration) controls the maximum length of the lease period permitted for a resource. The default maximum duration is 90 days from the lease start time. This property prevents resources that have been ignored from running indefinitely.