View a CloudFormation stack

You can view a CloudFormation stack that belongs to an AWS account using the Stack Resources tab or as part of a business services map (BSM).

Before you begin

Role required:
  • For their personal cloud resources, cloud_user users can manage some settings directly and must change other settings by making a request to the cloud_operator.
  • cloud_admin users have management access to all cloud resources

About this task

To view a stack using the Stack Resources tab:


  1. Navigate to Amazon AWS Cloud > Managed Resources > Stacks.
  2. Click a stack.
  3. Click the Stack Resources related list.

    The AWS CloudFormation stack resources are listed.

    Table 1. Discovered data
    Field Description
    Name Name of the resource.
    Resource Generic resource record for this resource.
    Resource Status Status of the resource.
    Resource ID Resource ID of the resource.
    Correlation ID Correlation ID of the resource.

What to do next

A user with the Cloud Operator role can view the CloudFormation stack in the CMDB Business Service Management Map (BSM) as a network of related resources.