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Provision a request for an Amazon virtual machine

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Provision a request for an Amazon virtual machine

EC2 Operators select the Amazon EC2 account, region, and image to fulfill approved requests from the service catalog.

Before you begin

Role required: ec2_operator, cloud_operator, cloud_admin, aws_admin, or admin

About this task

Approved requests appear in the Service Desk > My Groups Work queue for the members of the EC2 Operators group.


  1. Open the task and select the Amazon Web Services account to use to provision the requested instance.
  2. In Region settings, select a region for the instance (an Amazon EC2 datacenter). Available regions are those selected during the Amazon EC2 configuration.
    The choice list of available images is filtered to show images in the region selected for the account with the requested OS and size.
  3. Enter a user-friendly name for the instance in the Instance name field.
    The system uses the name to identify the instance in the My Virtual Assets portal and in the CMDB. Amazon uses the name as the Name Tag in the EC2 instance list. If you request more than one instance, the system adds a unique number to the name for each instance. For example, three requested instances with the name TestLab become TestLab1, TestLab2, and TestLab3. If the Instance name field is blank, the instance is identified by a machine-generated string created by Amazon.
  4. Select an Image to provision and click Close Task to launch the provisioning workflow that creates the EC2 instance.
    When the workflow finishes provisioning the instance, the requester receives an email containing the instance ID, IP address, and public DNS for the instances created. If provisioning fails, the workflow notifies the provisioning group by email.

What to do next

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